About Renegade Rose:
farmersmarket4Renegade Rose Morris was founded in 2002 in Portland, Oregon. Our performances feature dances and songs in both traditional and contemporary English and American Morris traditions, played on accordion, whistle, and drum. Over time, we have added new dances, including some original dances composed by Linda, our Foreman, and songs in unison and harmony. Our motto is “Fun dances to great music.”

We practice weekly, on Thursday evenings, with performances throughout the year at seasonal celebrations and events. You´ll find us at farmers’ markets, folk festivals, fairs, and many organized and informal events in support of arts and culture around the city.

YouTube video:

John Barleycorn at the Portland Waterfront South Esplanade at sunset, October 31, 2013 during the rush hour, with the freeway nearby:

Annual Portland Revels cider pressing fundraiser, Hillsboro, Oregon 2013:

May Day Festivities at Washington Park at sunrise 2013

4 Lane End for the Green Show at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, 2012

Swashbucklers at the Green Show at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Morris Dancing is….

An age-old tradition
A dance style done in teams
An ancient fertility rite
A way to burn off calories
A way to have fun in good companionship
Maybe all of these!

Is it hard?

As in “is it difficult”? Like any dancing it takes some time to coordinate the steps, hand movements, and position. Morris can be fairly aerobic but not as hard as hip-hop for instance.

Do you ever get whacked with those sticks?

Of course, but not too often. Only when we’re not careful.

Is it pagan?

No, but pagans like to think so. In fact, no one knows how old the dance is. But Shakespeare mentions Morris dancing and it was considered old even in his day. One of his players, Will Kemp, was a renowned “Morryce Dancer.”

Is it “family friendly?”

Renegade Rose dancers span the ages from teens to adults. We welcome anyone who can focus on dancing for two hours straight (the length of our practices) and don’t mind the occasional bawdy joke. Participating teenagers must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Can I come try it?

Of course. Contact us by phone 503.860.6611 or by email.

Can I hire Renegade Rose for my (party, corporate event, wedding, etc.)

Absolutely. Call us: 503.860.6611 or by email.

Morris Trivia:

The expression “nine days wonder” is linked to the dance through Will Kemp’s feat of dancing from London to Norwich in 9 days.

Morris teams (“sides”) from all over will gather occasionally for a dance festival, called an ale, where lots of the named substance is drunk.

Morris was an endangered dance style until Cecil Sharp began recording dances in England in the early 1900’s.

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