The Seasonal Cycle

Renegade Rose Morris features many dances that parallel the cycles of the year. With a deep affinity for agricultural and town life, morris teams have celebrated these cycles for centuries at traditional fetes and festivals throughout the year. To honor this heritage, Renegade Rose has a year-long cycle of dances, both traditional and composed.

Beginning with the rebirth of the sun (Winter Solstice/Yule), followed by first stirrings of the earth at Imbolc (early February), through the months of summer and harvest, and ending with Halloween (or Samhain), Renegade Rose dances hope to evoke a reminder that we are tied to the earth and each other. We try to “dance out” at these times of the year.

Our list of dances and their corresponding festival:

Time of Year Dance Music
Winter Solstice Wassail Bowl (composed) Sung and played: Somerset Wassail
Imbolc (February 1st) Fieldtown Valentine (trad) Valentine
Spring Equinox Beansetting (trad) Beansetting
May Day Dawning of the May (based on All Hallow’s Eve) Pepper in the Brandy
Summer Solstice Oak and Ash and Thorn (composed) Sung: Oak and Ash and Thorn
Lammas (August 1st) John Barleycorn (courtesy of Hunters Moon Morris) Sung: John Barleycorn
Autumnal Equinox The Scythe (composed) Sung: All among the Barley
Samhain (Halloween) All Hallow’s Eve (courtesy of Ann Arbor Morris) Sung: All Soul’s Night (Lorena McKinnit)